Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 7 - Cape Solitude and the Little Colorado

Nankoweap to Carbon Creek. (Miles 52 - 65)

The day started out warm. But something was coming, you could feel it.

The last chance we'd have for some open air guitar for at least a week.

Phong gets it.

Cape Solitude comes into view. Ed Abbey writes a great essay called Cape Solitude which "takes place" up there. A quote from the essay: "But as I was saying, let others save the world for the time being. Tonight and tomorrow and for the next few days i am going to walk the rim of Cape Solitude, along the Palisades of the Desert, and save myself. Without half-trying."

I tried to get there once when I was employed as an "enumerator" for the U.S. Census Bureau. I didn't quite make it--that Cape is truly wild. There are boats in this picture. They are small. Cape Solitude is huge. Click on the pic for some perspective.

The Little Colorado River with Chuar Butte in the background.

Looking up the Little Colorado.


Most of the time, the Little Colorado is a place for rafters to spend an afternoon, swim in the milky blue water, hike upstream, explore. Not today. The air stretched thin and we are all anxious to get out of their before it breaks.

It breaks at Carbon Camp.

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