Monday, September 15, 2008

From Stanley, Idaho to Sacramento, CA

31 degrees in Stanley.

Foggy roads.

Nevada sights.

Sacramento hell.

Stanley, Idaho

We were lucky to be on the river during the exact weekend when Central Idaho shifted from summer to fall. The first few days were hot and sunny, then came the storm and snow on the rim of the canyon. When we got out and back up to Stanley the Sawtooths were covered in snow and the air had a definite taste of autumn. So awesome.

Three awesome panoramas of the Sawtooths from 'downtown' Stanley. Click for the big picture.

This is for JP. My take on a JP theme--'Man was here'.

Middle Fork Salmon River - Impassable Canyon

Otter Bar Horseshoe Pit.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Middle Fork Salmon Panoramas.

Trail Camp.

Near the Flying B Ranch.

Storm. Middle Fork Salmon River.

Looking for rain at breakfast.

Trail Camp. Mile 65.

Rowing into the storm.

Then it broke. At first we thought they were fish jumping.

Then, the sun.


No better way to celebrate a summer storm than with some Kumbaya.