Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 12 - Big Rapid Day

Cremation Camp to Schist Camp (miles 87 - 97).
Horn Creek, Granite, and Hermit Rapids.

Loading the newbies at Phantom Ranch.

Making calls.

Getting nervous.

The bible.

Scouting the first big rapid of the day - Horn Creek Rapid.

The infamous 'Rapid Hat'. Only brought into daylight when absolutely necessary.

Granite - this one was the scariest looking to me of all of them except Lava. Ran it fine, but got stuck in the big eddy above the island at the bottom and finally had to push out through the very shallow escape route on the right.

Granite Rapid.

Hermit Rapid. Straightforward, but maybe the biggest waves I've ever seen.

Sunset after a long day.

And of course, end the great day with some great Bocce.

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