Monday, June 09, 2008

Overnight along Disaster Creek.

Had a 'meeting' at Kennedy Meadows and since work was paying for my gas, I decided to make a weekend out of it. Sonora Pass.

I wasn't sure whether to fish or ski or hike (I had all my tools with me) but made the decision at about 5pm to hike up into Disaster Creek and eventually to Disaster Peak. Threw the hammock and a six pack into a backpack and hiked up the trail. This is the Iceberg from Iceberg Meadow.

There was water everywhere. The meadows were wet and lush. But the usual companion to all that water--mosquitoes--were not around. Very nice.

I didn't go far til I found a great spot in this meadow to hang the hammock.

Nobody was around. The sun was setting. The weather was nice. And I was as comfortable as I ever get. A great evening in the woods.


The total route. 10 miles. 7000' vertical up and down.

Disaster Peak. Carson-Iceberg Wilderness.

Panorama from the summit. Looking over the Clark Fork of the Stanislaus River.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Action Shots from the Tuolumne River

Just got these pics in from the photographer that kayaked along on the recent work trip down the Tuolumne.

There are five people in this picture.

Can you see the shoe sticking up out of the water? Guide got bounced.