Sunday, July 29, 2007

Desolation Wilderness - Lake Aloha via Rockbound Pass

What started out as a loop hike over Mt. Price was modified when I realized that Dora was going to have problems getting up the large granite slopes called the "slabs of insanity" (not my name). 20 miles. 4577' vertical feet up and down. 5 lakes.

Beauty Lake.

Trail over Rockbound Pass. This is what Sierra trails should look like. Lots of granite.

Lake Doris.

The trail to Mosquito Pass.

First view of Lake Aloha.

Lake Aloha.


Looking up at the "Slabs of Insanity". The original plan was to follow these slabs up and over the ridge (click on the pic to get a closer look). Next time no dog.

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