Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pyramid Peak. Desolation Wilderness.

Can you see camp? (Click on the pic--It's next to the waterfall on the left of the photo.)

A couple more panos. Click for bigger view.

What a trip. One of the greatest campsites ever, but what a long, hard trek to get there. Only about eleven miles or so round trip, but almost entirely across granite and broken rock. Not much actual trail on this one.

At the bottom of Horsetail Falls.

Going up the slabs around Horsetail Falls. No trail here.

Horsetail with late summer flows.

Once above the falls, its all lakes all the time. This one is Toem Lake.

Took a swim break at Toem Lake.

And a nap break too.

The "trail".

Gefo Lake.

More scrambling on granite.

Found this amazing campsite on a shelf about halfway up Pyramid Peak. We had smooth granite to sleep on, a private waterfall, and a little moss garden. Oh, and an amazing view over the Desolation Valley towards Lake Tahoe. Such a great spot.

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