Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day Two - Golden Trout Wilderness

Golden Trout Creek at Big Whitney Meadows. What a creek, even in a dry year.

The not-so-elusive Golden Trout. These guys are endemic to this region and are absolutely beautiful. The fight pretty good too. I caught and released more than thirty of the little dudes.

Golden Trout Creek leaves the meadows and enters a small gorge before reaching Tunnel Meadow.

The old water tower at Tunnel Camp.

Golden Trout Creek Camp with Kern Peak in the background. While sitting here I was watching a small insect flying above the river when a golden trout suddenly torpedoed itself completely clear of the water and snatched the bug out of mid air. Sounds pretty mundane, but it was amazing--totally made my day.

Day Three - Golden Trout Wilderness

The trail coming out of Tunnel Station and towards Trail Pass is very sandy and can be really hot. There is water there initially, in the form of the Wild & Scenic River--South Fork Kern.

However, the trail eventually leaves the SF Kern and crosses parts of Mulkey Meadows. This area is basically one gigantic sand dune.

This is your reward for coming so far--a hot and dry and sandy crossing of Mulkey Meadows and then up to Trail Pass. This is the last tough stretch before reaching the pass and eventually your car.

Heading home along the Eastern Sierra

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day

From Bishop to Sacramento via Yosemite.

"The Eiger of the Sierra" - Mount Morrison. This peak is awesome

Ellery Lake. I stopped here at around 6am to do some fishing. Fish were rising everywhere but I didn't catch any.

I love this tree. I have a picture of it that I took back in 1995 on my first solo road trip to California. I compared that pic with this one and the tree hasn't changed much. Maybe it is a fake.

El Cap.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More Klamath Boat Drive Photos

Just got these photos in from the boat drive to Omaha via Fisherman's Wharf, the California State Capitol Building, Salt Lake City, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Wounded Knee. All photos by Matt Mais.

State Capitol Press Conference.

The Yurok arrive in Salt Lake to give Rocky Mountain Power a talking to.

Probably the first and last time that a redwood canoe will float on Utah Lake.

Paying respects to Crazy Horse.

We didn't stop to see George.

Traditional salmon bake. Delicious.

Brush Dance. That is a woodpecker.

Redwood canoe. Wyoming. Sunset.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007