Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Lake Peak.

You should not be able to walk up to 10000' in tennis shoes in January. We need some snow or it is going to be a hot and smokey summer.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Silver Peak and the Silver Peak Wilderness.

Took the short way up to the top of Silver Peak, namesake of the Silver Peak Wilderness. It isn't the highest point around, and it doesn't have the best views around, but it is the anchor of an amazing wilderness.

Morning coffee.

Mr. Hill's goon squad has been here apparently.

Trails get overgrown fast in the coastal ranges. Wildfires have their purpose...

Audrey II.

Five minutes after getting back to the truck the rains came. So very nice.

Then back down to the coast.

New Years Day 2009.

First day of 2009. Camped on a high ridge overlooking much of the Big Sur coast, the Ventana and Silver Peak Wildernesses, the massive Fort Hunter Liggett Military Reserve, and the San Antonio River Valley. See the truck?

Alder Peak with the Pacific Ocean on the left and the Salinas valley on the right.

The drive along South Coast Ridge Road is right up there on my list of best drives in the world.

The coast of Big Sur was fairly crowded, being the New Years holiday weekend. Just a half hour from Highway 1 and there are no tourists to be found anywhere. Just us. We found a good spot.

The view.

Sunset over the Pacific from Alder Peak.

Last Day of 2008.

Secret spot above Point Sur. Watch out for the goon squad.