Tuesday, August 25, 2009

South Fork White River Wind

A great day.

south fork white river wind from sven erikson on Vimeo.

Federal Heights Reunion Tour - Uintas

Swift Creek Trail to Timothy Lakes Basin.

The road to Utah.

The gang.

The Timothy Lakes.

The brookies were in spawning colors. And they were eating like mad.

Relaxing after 10 miles and two dozen fish.

Hiking back in a great rainstorm.

South Fork White River.

This place is a keeper.


A beaver who brushed up against me while fishing the Elk the other day. He's got a big tree limb in his mouth.

Strawberry Strawberry she's the neighborhood hot springs

Strawberry Hot Springs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mount Sopris 12953'

Ever since I first saw this mountain, I've wanted to see the view from the top. Done.

Mount Sopris (the higher summit is to the right)

Man on top of the false summit. Click for large.

A scree glacier.

A few panoramas of the awesome Elk Mountains from the Sopris ridge.

Capitol Peak.

Another look at the scree glacier.

On the summit, pointing towards home.

The West Summit. Exactly the same elevation as the East Summit.