Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guide Training on the American River

Just returned from nine days of guide training on the South Fork and Middle Fork American River. This week far exceeded my expectations. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zack and Trudi Feast

A wedding in brief.

The bride.

The groom.

The ceremony.

The reception.

The party.

The hangover.

Friday, June 01, 2007

How Embarrasing.

Dora is now ready for a Sacramento summer.

Golden Trout Wilderness

Golden Trout Wilderness loop hike. 30 miles. 4100' gain and loss. My route went up Cottonwood Pass to the Pacific Crest Trail. Along the PCT to the boundary of Sequoia National Park. Down to Big Whitney Meadow via Siberian Pass. From Big Whitney down the Golden Trout Creek to Tunnel Meadow. Tunnel Meadow up the South Fork Kern to Bullfrog/Mulkey Meadows then over Trail Pass back to the car at Horseshoe Meadow.

Looking at Horseshoe Meadows Road out of Lone Pine. I'd like to see somebody try to street luge that thing.

The view of the former site of Owens Lake.

Horseshoe Meadows.

Views from Cottonwood Pass--11,100'.

Chicken Spring Lake from the PCT.

Foxtail Pine. These trees live forever. The oldest known foxtail pine is 3,400 years old.

Big Whitney Meadow (my eventual campspot that night) from the PCT.

The Sequoia National Park boundary. Ignore the part about pets.

Siberian Outpost.

View towards Joe Devel Peak and Mount Corcoran.

Tree breaker.

Big Whitney at sunset.

My first Golden Trout.

The view from camp. I had the entire meadows to myself and wouldn't see another person for three days.