Friday, February 01, 2008

Day 3 - New Year's Eve!

North Canyon to Nautiloid Camp. (Miles 21 - 35)

2007 was a great year for sleeping outside. The last camp of the year--North Canyon and North Canyon Rapid.

Downstream from the same spot.

Today we did the Roaring Twenties, a series of about ten rapids, most of which rank around 5 or 6 on the Grand Canyon difficulty scale of 1-10. Scouting 24.5 at lunch.

It sometimes takes four to tame the Puma.

A great part of The Canyon--big, vertical walls, and no shoreline.


Holy sheep. (Desert Bighorn calf.)

There's nothing quite like sitting on a raft, floating on a still stretch of river in a quiet desert canyon, singing some old timey Eazy-E numbers.

Happy New Year! What a way to start 2008. This is going to be good...

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