Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dome Peak Loop. Zirkel Wilderness.


Jeff Schimpff said...

Wolverine Basin and Dome Lake are my favorite places in all of the Routt N.F. My wife and I were at the summit of Lost Ranger in August 2013 and looked down into Wolverine Basin. The cairned route from just below North Lake needs a little rectifying, but it's still a viable way to get there.

Rico T. said...

Wondering if you could specify your loop route for this trip? Did you go to Dome Lake? I can't see a way from Dome Lake to Wolverine Basin without backtracking quite a bit. \

All and all the trip looks fantastic and I would love to give it a try.

Thank you very much!


Soren Jespersen said...

Rico - I came down to Dome Lake from Lost Ranger Peak after ascending from the Three Island Lake trail. There is a route down from the divide into Dome Lake through the cliff bands into the drainage just east of The Dome and above Dome Lake. Tread lightly! And back in 2010 when I did this there was no trail from Dome Lake down the South Fork to the TH. I heard they rebuilt the trail, but in 2010 it was a brutal bushwack through blowdown timber.

Jeffrey Schimpff said...

Regarding the trail from South Fork Elk River to Dome Lake, my wife, two sons and I did a bushwhack from the North Lake trailhead in about 1992. At that time, about 75% of the trial, that was lovely and very much in use as of 1973, was still very useable. Closer up toward Dome Lake, there were lots of uncleared deadfalls in 1992.

I was back to the North Lake trailhead again in 2015 and there was no readily observable sign of the trail up the South Fork to Dome Lake. The route to Wolverine Basin was likewise very obstructed by deadfalls, but some of the old Wolverine Basin trail was still very apparent - maybe 25% of it from the turnoff at the little meadow about 1/2 mile below North Lake.