Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 16 - Layover Day 4 - Thunder River

We wanted to get up to Thunder Falls for the day. Problem was we missed the camp below Tapeats Creek and ended up on the wrong side of the river. We figured if we could get across, we could scramble along the steep ledges along the river back up to Tapeats Creek. Of course, getting across the river without being swept downstream isn't always a straightforward proposition.

First we tried lining the boats up to a place where we could cross. But the current was too strong and we ended up back where we started.

So J and Benson did it the old fashioned way--they powered us across.

Once across we had little problem hiking the one mile back up to Tapeats Creek. This is the view from Bonita Creek.

Looking down at Tapeats from the trail to Thunder Falls.

There are some amazing cactus gardens up here.

The narrows of Tapeats Creek.

Getting up and off the river feels pretty good.

Looking up Tapeats Creek towards Crazy Jug Point.

First views of Thunder Falls.

Close up.


A full day. The South Rim (or the Powell Plateau).

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