Monday, October 27, 2008

Squaw Valley Creek

One of my favorite places on earth. The area around the McCloud reminds me a bit of Big Sur in that it isn't just a monotonous forest of a few types of trees or plants. Because it sits in kind of the geographical zone between mountains and foothills, and because of the fact that it is blessed with lots of water in the form of numerous cold water springs and good winter precip, the McCloud area is rich and diverse. It just feels like a healthy landscape, and if you get out enough, you know what that means.

Porcupine Peak - Klamath Mountains

The hike starts at the further lake--Toad Lake--then crosses the ridge to the closer lake--Porcupine Lake. Two of the more famous California mountains in the distance--Mt. Eddy (left) and Mt. Shasta (right).

Toad Lake.

Porcupine Lake.

The way up.


Looking down.

The Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Back down at Porcupine Lake where I did some fishing. Looking up at the Porcupine Peaklet.

California Pitcher Plants. AKA Cobra Lilies. Endemic to these mountains. A carnivorous plant.

Not the best place to park probably.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

October Caddis on the Upper Sac

Stayed at Trout Camp for one night of fishing the October Caddis Hatch on the Upper Sacramento River. The Caddis were everywhere, but the fish weren't biting yet. It'll probably take a couple weeks longer for them to catch on that there is an endless smorgasbord of food floating on the surface, and then it'll be catchin time.

October Caddis close up.

The canyon colors.

Untitled from sven erikson on Vimeo.

Stewart Mineral Springs.

Stewart Mineral Springs is so very nice. I would have taken more photos, but then I would have been that guy taking photos at the 'clothing optional' mineral springs resort. I do not want to be that guy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Castle Dome

A Wednesday jaunt to the summit of Castle Dome at Castle Crags State Park near Mount Shasta.

View from the summit.

The destination.