Tuesday, October 30, 2007

THE three rivers of the North State.

Thanks to a friend, we got to spend two nights at the Nature Conservancy cabin on the famous McCloud River near Mt. Shasta.

The McCloud was milky with glacial silt from Mud Creek, so we spent the day fishing the Pit River instead. This is as good as it gets, really. Fall colors, fishing with friends, and a soak in the streamside Kosk Hot Springs on the hike out of the canyon.

Kosk Creek.

The caretakers cabin on the McCloud.

After fishing the Pit and staying down on the McCloud, we went up to the old standby--the Upper Sac--to fish the Sunday away. The colors up on the Sac are amazing right now, and the October Caddis hatch was on. Unfortunately, the fish weren't eating them today.

Heading in to the CalTrout Trout Camp.


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