Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sunrise on the Lower Sacramento River and Battle Creek

Sunrise on the "Lower Sac"--the Sacramento River near Red Bluff, California. Right when I'm getting that claustrophobic feeling because I think my peripatetic summer is over, I'm sent north for work and get to witness this.

If I have to make California my permanent home, I plan on making it in this part of the state. The Shasta Cascades--or The State of Jefferson as they call it around here--is an amazing place.

The Lower Sac from Bend Bridge. The elevation here is around 300 feet above sea level. That is Mt. Lassen, the southernmost of the Cascades is the background. Mt. Lassen tops out at about 10,400 feet above sea level. More than 10,000 feet in elevation change in about 30 miles as the bird flies. Makes for some awesome country.

A dozen turkey vultures perched above Battle Creek. Factoid: To defend themselves and their young, turkey vultues puke. Yes, vomit. It seems their puke is so putrid that it deters predators. Can't argue with that.

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