Saturday, October 13, 2007

The (Proposed) Sacramento River National Recreation Area

Bills were introduced this year to create a National Recreation Area on 17,000 acres of BLM land adjacent to the Sacramento River upstream of Red Bluff, California. This land is really unique in that it is a relatively large tract of low elevation oak woodlands, wetlands, and sweeping savannah like grasslands that largely remains in a pristine condition. The vast majority of the preserved lands in California are located either in the high mountains or on the coast; most of the less dramatic but biologically rich lowland landscapes of the Central Valley have been turned into farms or cities long ago. The Sacramento River National Recreation Area is an exception to this and is a real surprise to most people who get to see it. Only a few minutes off of I-5, the area is packed with wildlife, birdlife, and great scenery.

I was in the area for work and got a chance to do some fishing and a little exploring out there.

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