Sunday, April 15, 2007

Manuel Peak Trail - A Big Sur Day

The Manuel Peak Trail out of Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur. My route (including detours) was 13 miles round trip with 8600 ft of total elevation gain/loss.

The trail begins by skirting the endless Pfeiffer Burns SP campground through some amazing redwood forests. This is how Big Sur forests should be visited--during a misty, raining morning.

It took me way too long to find the trailhead in the pouring rain. I almost gave up and went to Nepenthe to sit out the storm. But after wandering through the quiet campground for an hour or so (most the campers were hiding from the rain--most were in their tents, but many people were sitting in their parked cars with the engines running, presumably in order to use their heaters) I finally found the trailhead. This old "Homestead Cabin" was built by John Pfeiffer in the 1890s. That guy had some good taste in cabin locations.

There are some amazing oak groves behind the cabin.

It was still raining pretty good but the sun was beginning to peak out. The trail going up.

Lots of wildflowers along the trail.

Cool clouds all day.

The last push onto Manuel Peak. Directly into the clouds. Fun.

On the way back down the trail the sun was out and there were great views up the Big Sur River towards Sykes Hot Spring.

And down over the Coast Ridge to the sunny Pacific.

Wet dog.

Looking back up the trail.

The end.


Roy Jespersen said...

Great photos Soren. You're giving John-Paul some stiff competition.

Scrapper Blackwell said...