Sunday, April 22, 2007

A long and full Saturday on the Central Coast.

Terrace Creek Loop - 12 miles, 6630' of elevation gain/loss.

The trail starts at the Ventana Inn, switchbacks up to the Coast Ridge on a gated dirt road with incredible views towards the ocean. From the ridge the trail drops into shady and cool Terrace Creek eventually reaching the crowded Pine Ridge Trail--otherwise known as "the trail to Sykes Hot Springs". (We saw a total of one hiker prior to reaching the Pine Ridge Trail. Once there however, we counted more than thirty, every one of them headed to the hot springs. Just another reminder that you can have Big Sur pretty much all to yourself, you just have to stay away from Sykes.)

We tried but failed to identify these wildflowers.

Banana slugs everywhere. Like me they have a fondness for mushrooms, unlike me they are hermaphrodites.

Somebody's driveway.

On top of Coast Ridge Road looking over Mule and Graves canyons to the Pacific.

People live up here. Bastards.

Action shot.

Into the dark forest.

Big Sur Goodness.

Outlaw Camp on Terrace Creek.


Ground cover.

Big trees on Terrace Creek.

Moss wall.

A view across the Big Sur River to last week's trail up Mt. Manuel - "The leopard face".

Our prize - Nepenthe.

Then back to the woods. Morning at camp on the Little Sur River.

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