Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Canyonlands and Cathedral Butte

On my way out to our new home in Colorado. But first, a quick stop in nearby Southern Utah. I can't say that enough..."nearby Southern Utah". Ahhh. Feels so nice.

The destination:

A sight for sore eyes.

And at this exact moment in Sacramento...

Road rage.

The route up Cathedral Butte.

Looking back down at the truck (it is there). Lavender Canyon in Canyonlands National Park beyond the rim.


So sweet.

Views from the summit.

Shay Butte, The Abajos, and Stevens Canyon.

Looking west and south over Salt Creek Mesa towards Seven Sisters Butte, Boundary Butte, and Horse Mountain.

That was fun.

Trees, cliffs, the La Sals.

Cathedral Butte. Lavender Canyon. Salt Creek. And much of Canyonlands National Park. I feel better now.

(click for enlarged view...)


My camp for the night was at the end of that mesa below.

Even the truck looks happy.

Sunset over Lavender Canyon from camp.

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