Monday, March 16, 2009

Tour de Berryessa - Day 2

Day 2 was spent mostly along the shores of Lake Berryessa. In the summer, Berryessa is a crowded, hot, and dry inferno, but in March it is desolate, green, and more than pleasant.

It might be a short drive from San Francisco, but this is not Pelosi's California out here:

Lake Berryessa.

The Knoxville-Berryessa Road north of Lake Berryessa is the reason I chose to bike this route to Ukiah. It is about as lonely and wild a road as you can find around here. In 24 hours I saw a total of three cars. I had the road to myself, the weather was cool, and the scenery .

I got to cross six or seven of these. Very nice.

I found a discreet campsite about a half mile up a dirt path off the Knoxville Road. I got to test the bike out in the dirt and mud (works great) and the camp spot was one of those camp spots I'll remember for awhile.

A couple shots taken from my bed at like midnight or so.

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