Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mt. Price

Mount Price, Crystal Range, Sierra Nevadas. 3000' vertical feet up and back. 10 miles. 10+ lakes.

Panorama from near the summit of Mount Price.

Island Lakes with Mt. Price in the background.

A great little lake above Island Lake. Peak 9318' in the background.

Kristen picking her way through the talus with Peak 9441' looming behine. Despite its cool looking SW face, this one doesn't get much attention for some reason.

Going up...with a view past Peak 8925', Two Peaks, and Union Valley Reservoir towards the Central Valley.

On top of the pass SW of Mt. Price and above Lyons Lake.

The icy tarn beneath Mt. Price. Despite being mid-August, after one of the driest winters on record, at only 9400 feet, this little tarn was still frozen over with a thin layer of ice.

Looking north along the Crystal Range from the ascent chute.

Boulders on the way up. Our route went straight up from here to the little weak spot visible on the ridge.

Dora as near to the summit as she would get. She freaked out when we stood on the summit so we couldn't stay up there for long.

The Rockbound Valley.

Crystal Range. Aggasiz and Pyramid Peaks to the south.

Coming down.

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