Thursday, July 12, 2007

R.I.P. 1997 Ford Ranger

Ten years. Ten states. Two Countries. 171741 total miles. After driving and living in The Truck for most of my driving life, it is now the property of some guy named Martin.

That thing has taken me everywhere. (I wish I knew how many of those 171741 miles were dirt road miles. Or how many nights I've slept either in that truck or right next to it.) Other than Dora it is the one thing that most people I know or have known associate with me. Hate to be sentimental about a car, but hey, it isn't a car, it is a truck, and it was a good one.

By the way, 171741 total miles equals out to about 47 miles a day for the past ten years. Put that in your carbon footprint calculators. Wow.

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Roy Jespersen said...

Great photo Soren. I remember picking it up at the Ford dealer with my brother Earl. Nice memory.